The Journey


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The Painted Veil (2006 film)

The Painted Veil (2006 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




“Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people” – The Painted Veil


I want to believe the distance between us span short yet reality is callous in all its ways, technology can not simply bridge the gap nor sustain the longing deep within. When will I ever see you again?


Art Smash Journal Update : Week 5


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Just finished a month of art journaling, cheers to that! … And then off to creating more ‘til the year’s end. Here are a few pages made during the last week of November I apologize for not posting sooner, the family was down with something and couldn’t find mere time to blog. Guess I should add blogging on a regular basis to my new year’s resolution list (aside of course from art journaling which is getting addictive by the day).

I am still on my experimental stage, trying different techniques I found on the tube but made sure I incorporated my own style (if there’s any?) which I hope (fingers-crossed!) is developing at this time. But hey, practice, practice, practice and sooner it will just present itself before we even know it! So here go…

For this page I applied ordinary wax crayons in different colors, covered everything in black then made some doodling by etching with any sharp thingy you can find (in this case, a toothpick). Washed the whole page with red but missing the edges to make a white border.



A quote I found using some paint markers on this one.



These were faces drawn from a magazine using watercolor, as you can see it is not that good but perfection is not the key to any successful art journey, so why bother? Anyone of us can improve in time that I am sure of.  Anyway, I still would want to draw more of these as I go on with my art journal ride.



This two-page spread I used recycled paper bags we usually get with our takeaways, I also played with the background using letter stencils and my son’s Lego pieces as stamps (the key is to look around you, almost anything you can find inside the house can be used in your journal, the possibilities endless!). Although I didn’t like how this page turned out as it looked very busy to me, still it’s a learning ground for future pages to make. Explore.



Here’s a take on an “inchies” page using patterned papers and magazine cut-outs. A no-brainer but lots of fun and easy to make, you ought to try it!



Just a magazine cut-out with punched out frogs and letters using paint markers.



And then another with a few lettering…



And another one except I up-cycled a paper shopping bag (yes! the ones you get with all those nice prints from signature brand shops, they can really make good background pages or you can use them many ways as you wish).



Again, one of the pages with those faces…not so pretty but I’m getting there.



Just a quick sketch of the restaurant where we met up with new friends, good food, good company, nice venue with a good view of the famous lights and sound fountain of the UAE.



There you have it, another week of art journey, still so much to learn and to try amidst the chaotic but fun routine of child rearing. How about you? How’s your journey so far?

Stay Happy Everyone! You deserve it! 🙂






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bamboo-forest-photo-nature-national-geographic-photoI have N O T H I N G to say

nor C O N V E Y to anyone

what transpired.

P E R F E C T I O N is a F A L L A C Y.

People, in search for R I G H T E O U S N E S S

are easy to B L A M E others

for the C O N S E Q U E N C E S

of their own doings.

F A U L T S, too often,

neglected, ignored,

A P O L O G I E S forgotten,

passed on til such time of H A R V E S T.

Even when the storm comes heavy,

fetching D I R T to our feet.

Soon, the marks left behind

will W I T H E R further away.

L I V E.

Is all what we have to do.

B R E A T H E.

L E T G O.

Free your grip.

No turning back.

No looking back.

No R E G R E T S.

P E A C E found at last.

Scarred but A L I V E.

Like the B A M B O O

that bowed down yet stood still.

One can never put another down.

A G O O D  O N E down.


and I shall.

Learning to Forgive


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As I sift through the past ten years, so many things have changed but my solitude a grasp away, something in the past kept lurking its ugly head trying to uncover answers to many debatable circumstances meant to be ancient history. Today, it is quite liberating to receive a series of strong conviction with a loving heart and learning to forgive at the moment is a blessing uncalled for.

I am cautious not to have enemies, neither do I intend to make any nor is it in my desire to harbor resentment. I have a strong and founded belief in the power of Prayer and Faith, to those whose understanding is limited by choice, I can not contend but be grateful they came my way to let me appreciate the most significant and meaningful events in my life, to value most the wonderful people who stood by me and shared with my journey, to feel happy and contented with what I already have, with the loving people I am with and the wonderful place where I am now and to be really thankful that despite all these, HE has never left me but made me a better ME.

Art Smash Journal: Weeks 3 & 4


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Okay I am guilty, I apologize for being a slacker at blogging but the past couple of weeks had been very busy for the family. We had just graduated from the Christian Life Program we attended for 13 weeks and the community has a lot of family oriented activities lined up for us this month until Christmas.  As I carry on with my journey of knowing Christ more and letting him into our family life so as I stick with my art journaling every single day. This has helped me find solace in my otherwise chaotic routine.

In line with Halloween, my son’s fave character at the moment, Jack Skellington, took the first page for November. We’ve watched the movie The Nightmare before Christmas for the nth time since he saw Jack. I don’t know what it is with him that my son found amusing though. Weird creatures from a notebook cover I saw at the Japanese thrift store inspired the next page of poster colored doodles.

Some mixed media pages with collages I took inspiration from Teesha Moore and Sandra van der Geest. I really love their works along with Julie Fei Fan Balzer, Kate Crane and Ingrid Dijkers.

The idea of tides from “My cup of tea” page was inspired by Shane Vorhaben’s Illustration Friday Entry in 2008 titled”Enough”. You can check his brilliant doodling in black and white on Both the teacup drawing and quote on the other hand were this author’s personal work.

I am making the most of what I have in my art stash as supplies are so limited here that I couldn’t even find a Sharpie pen and I’m still on search for a really nice white ink pen as the liquid Chalk marker I was using seem to fade (it’s chalk what to expect?) on the page when all dried up (hence the powder alright!) and has the tendency to smudge the other pages. But I wont let the lack of supplies hinder me from doing what makes the heart and soul happy. 🙂

Stay Happy Everyone! til next time! 🙂

Of all the gifts I asked for Wisdom


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English: Wisdom, mural by Robert Lewis Reid. S...

English: Wisdom, mural by Robert Lewis Reid. Second Floor, North Corridor. Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C. Caption underneath reads “KNOWLEDGE COMES BVT WISDOM LINGERS”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our community facilitator asked me what gift I wanted to receive; “Wisdom!” came the coy but abrupt reply. “Why wisdom as it is the same with knowledge?” she asked with one arching brow. The way I understand it, everyone can gain knowledge but not everyone can have wisdom. Like skills, knowledge is acquired through learning, but wisdom, as I believe it is, is both knowledge and life experience united as one. I asked for wisdom that I be wise and just in my decisions and choices in life, wise to know what is right from wrong, wise in both action and speech, wise in my relationships not only with the people I love but also to those whom I cannot please being as I am, wise as I become older physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. I asked for wisdom because it is so difficult to gain no matter how high our intelligence and emotional quotient is. I believe in time and with diligent practice of faith, wisdom will come knocking at my doors without qualm, when the time comes I will gladly accept  it with open arms and thank the Heavens with all heart.

Art Smash Journal: Week 2


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Week 2 of my art smash journal journey, so far so good, I’ve been experimenting with my art stash lately and tried different techniques I found at the net. Though I am not satisfied and happy with what came out of the pages, still I know I am on the right track to completing this first journal before year’s end.

Here’s a peak at the pages I did for the second week:

I’m not so good at acrylics and poster paint but this would do for a start,  tried using watercolor paint, chalk pastels and color pencils for details. I know, I know, need more practice. The quote was from a speaker at our CLP seminar last week.

10.24.12 ~ “Faith can move mountains, Prayers can move God”

Here I used the magic circles stencil I found at the craft store, added some watercolor wash and detailed lines with color pencils, cut them up and pasted them randomly like flowers in bloom. I actually did not like this page and planned to do it over again yet I wanted to stick with the mantra of not repeating any page but instead build on it until it looks pretty enough to start with a new one.

10.25.12 ~ “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”

For these next two pages, I tried doing collage, again some more practice…

10.27.12 ~ “Just always RMBR”                      10.28.12 ~ “Go Sky High”

Just a list of random likes at the moment (more journaling and handwriting here) and then some zen doodling.

10.29.12 ~ “Random Top 5 Likes”
10.30.12 ~ “Familia”

A close up of the family doodle…

up close

Til next week. 🙂

Lunch…is always good with company.


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Yes, LUNCH is always good with company! Good conversations happen when meals  are shared, when people get together and enjoy good food. So busy a world we live in, we often grab lunch in a jiffy, sometimes missing it out completely to give ample time to whatever is keeping us from leaving our seats.

Perhaps we could try something different today, for a cool change, it’s not so difficult  to ask someone to have lunch with us, we’ll never know, that someone may also be in need of  good company.

So, for today, I post this image of the Pineapple-Turkey Ham Sandwich I made for two…go grab a seat…tell me your story…we have plenty of time to eat… 🙂

Pineapple Turkey Ham Sandwich with Cheese

Enjoy! Til next time! 🙂

Art Smash Journal: Week 1


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Yes! Finally made art journal pages for a week, pat on the back for completing a week’s plan. And here are the pages made by yours truly…

October 18-19, 2012

I don’t know what got into my son that he kept saying “I love you Mommy” countless times for two days straight so I thought it would be a great idea for a page. Why not? It would remind me of the sweetest things he did despite being terrible two! 🙂

October 20, 2012

Inspired by Milliande, I tried some Zen doodling with a ballpoint pen and some thin markers and colored pencils then cut and pasted them onto a pre-cut  5×7”pattern paper . I also put some cute puppy stickers and a ribbon tape to adorn the page.

A close up of the zen doodle card…

October 21, 2012

This quote I got from a recent seminar posted by a friend on my Facebook account.  Some inspiring words from Bo Sanchez to keep away from envy. For the flower petals, stems and leaves I traced the form on patterned paper (originally for origami) from my son’s art attack plastic crayons which have an awesome tear drop shape. For the letters, I used my stencils to outline each one and then brushed with dark blue and orange poster color.

October 22-23, 2012

My son loves to dance and he especially likes to move it! move it! In the tune of  Waka Waka by Shakira or just about any song that has a good drum beat to it. I made the sketch of his face on the first day I started this journal but went to finish the whole page before weekend. I took inspiration from a magazine for the portrait of Mom on the next page.

And then again, some of the background papers I prepped for another week to come…I particularly like these pages ’cause I think they looked a bit artsy…only shows I’m improving too! 🙂

And another one…This I experimented with wiping an old credit card to a drop of orange acrylic and then slicing wildly to a page splashed with green poster color. The row of tiny black circles I stamped using my son’s Lego toy. I used my embosser as stamp to create the circle of tiny hearts.

There you have it, my whole week of art journaling. How about you? How is it going? You can share here with me your own journey to art. This blog is open to all creative souls who are willing to share and inspire each other. 

Let us LIVE. Let us CREATE. Let us BE HAPPY.

Preparing the Art Smash Nook


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Whew! It took a long while since I last talked about my journey to art. I’ve been meaning to post my art smash journaling for the first week of its inception but got too carried away looking for inspiration online. So many ideas turned up, cramming bits and bobs into my brain that it almost always stirred me even at bedtime.

Well since it took me a week to come up with this post I might as well begin. To prepare my art smash nook, I rummaged my drawers and came up with these stuff, nothing too expensive but just some cool knick knacks bought from a local craft store nearby. I also brought out some used up gift wrapping papers, old magazines, fancy printed paper bags, tags (yes, those sturdy cards attached to newly purchased items) which could be great for journaling etc., ribbons, stickers, punchers, coloring materials, pens, of course scissors and glue for all those cutting and pasting activity. I also pull out some my son’s toys, those with different shapes, letters and numbers would be great to use as stencils.


Since I am a novice at art journaling I opted to use an ordinary 5 x 7″  small notebook from my stash, it kinda scare the wits out of me to get an A4 size, that’ll be too large a journal to fill for a starter. 🙂 I chose the black one with rings so I  could easily pull out  and work on a page without fear of smudging or warping the next one then in time when I finished (hopefully!)  I could bind them together in a journal.


I prepped a few pages so I could have a ready-made background to begin within a day, this way it wouldn’t be too intimidating to start with a blank page in front of me. Here are some of the pages and the different techniques I used to make them. Anyone can try these at home to make a personal journal page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think these are just enough background pages to start with for a week, It brought so much fun just trying out different art materials again. It was as if seeing the art world for the very first time… thru my son’s eyes…and having so much fun doing so 🙂

I hope you found this useful in your own art journaling, specially for those of you who are beginners like me, let us create art each day and stay happy. Before I go, let me leave you a work in progress.

Til next time. 🙂