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“If you stay just a little…that’s enough.” ~ Kina Grannis

A tiny coffee shop sat at the corner of the street near our flat. It was a delight to the senses as the smell of fresh brewed coffee and fresh-baked muffins were too irresistible to pass by. Patrons of diverse ethnicity flocked this café for the treats and the ambiance that exuded an appeal of comfort and quiet. Different stories were shared with a dear friend over scores of tall turtle mocha, hot white chocolates, lemon meringue tarts and roast beef sandwiches. This was a place where worries are weeded out after each and every cup. And so that line popped up one night as I stroll the neighborhood with the hubs and the little tyke. We passed by that same corner for nearly six years but for the first time I saw a pitch black empty space. Yes, the café has closed shop! It was poignant. In a snap, a comfort zone vanished to thin air.

“Why now? What happened?” I asked. “That’s how it is here my dear” came the reply.

I felt bitter, sad. Something was taken away in an instant and I had not a chance to bid farewell. It seemed odd though for feeling this way. Was it the shop closing or the memories that have gone with it? If only it has just stayed a little… it would be enough.

I remember a friend whom I shared stories with and found comfort in company. A first engagement that was left hanging in mid-air with words left unsaid. An opportunity ignored, a personal path forgotten in exchange for an uncertain commitment. I remember a boy of eighteen who passed away in a car accident, a cousin whom I got to spend only a day with.

Should I have stayed a little in all these occasions made a big difference? If these had stayed just a little…even for a bit…so I could say my goodbyes…would it really be enough?

Time has always been an expendable commodity too valuable to notice what is in front of us which really matters. Everyone is always in a hurry to get to somewhere, in a rush to get ahead. We had become so anxious to step out of our comfort zone that when we finally do, it’s too late.

Just like that café at the corner, my little comfy space that I never thought would one day be empty. Life happens. Things change. People come and go. Perhaps its time to stay a little to appreciate the beauty around us, to say what we have to say and mean it, to be grateful for the blessings we receive each day, for family and friends and for those who came into our lives and sparked a change. Until then we can truly say that it is enough.

“Cause the hole in the middle of my heart needs filling up, if you stay just a little…that’s enough”