Ever wonder how fate makes a twist in one’s life, the irony of it all? Providence even time and space can not intervene.

To adhere with individual ethical norm in order to preserve peace is commended even when the real purpose is not sustained thus misery forged happiness in the end…

Life is a journey, yet there is a wait which lingers still, for how long, no one can predict for what reason, no one will ever understand…

For we know we can only walk this way once.

A one way trip where fragments are collected from each path like missing pieces in a puzzle board, where wounds healed and scarred yet create memories to be cherished or perpetually forgotten and where wisdom sat on a pedestal in wait for a just claim by a chosen few who seeks it. But are we treading in the right path?
And if given a chance, a life-changing second chance to make that much coveted trip back, would we?