I have not the time to finish an article to post for today, my little love just want to cuddle beside me while we watch his favorite video. However, I found this in my inbox and thought it worth sharing.

This is a newsletter from http://jianiteo.com/ on a list of things to do to start an amazing life now.

Dearest shyle,

Start now –

Stop belittling yourself.

Stand up and tall – Start being the real you, who is infinitely powerful and has the ability to make anything you desire come true.

Stop feeding your soul negative, self-limiting thoughts or illusions.

Start nourishing your soul with the truth of your greatness.

Stop living in fear of the unknown.

Start living adventurously with Love.

Stop living in the darkness.

Step out into your light.

Stop thinking that you are being selfish to follow your heart, your soul, and your feelings.

Start living in knowing that it is through these channels that God/your higher Self/the Universe communicates with you.

Above all –

Stop believing others, and

Start believing in yourself.

All my love,
Jia Ni

~ So there you are, my to do list for an amazing life!