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Text: my own

It was our second day at the Christian Life Program seminar. We started attending a week ago after further discussions of what is deficient  in our family life and finally deciding to give it a go.

God’s love was the subject of the first talk. Indeed we were showered with the grace of the Lord as we were introduced into this community we are to join in a couple of weeks.

Tears raced down my cheeks as the wife of the speaker whom he shared a strong marital relationship of 31 years related their story. She never met his biological father as he passed away when she was very little which led her to being hesitant  to believe what the Father above planned for her life. When she got married she never had a child, they never did. And now though at the prime of their years, they stood there holding hands, serving the community of God as parents and guidance for these people.

Last night was also the first night the hubs would drive in the evening. He just acquired his driving license, which in this part of the world is much coveted yet too difficult to get hold of. He had passed the last of the exams and was issued his license a day after our first attendance in the program.

God is Good. It was only our first and we already received a blessing.

So after the talk, we dropped his cousin to her place, everything went smooth until we had a wrong turn at the highway exit that was previously non-existent. We spun in circles trying to find our way back. The road signage suggested we were about to enter another state. A slight panic built up. I trust my husband but not quite the inexperienced driver that he is. We were driving below the required limit in a highway full of speeding cars! I hugged the baby and prayed quietly for guidance over my husband’s hands to direct us to the right way home. Silence. And then we saw that familiar green sign ahead.

We were safe. Home at last.

The hubs dreaded to drive at night, he feared the highway as his training didn’t cover any of these. But he brought us safely home. He conquered his fear. Shot two birds in one stone. Though we were at great risk.

God is Good. All the time.

As with my husband’s cousin’s words before we left the congregation, “ I trust the Lord more than his (my husband) driving skills”.