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What makes you happy? What makes you smile?


The ever elusive happiness is a state of being only a fortunate few can experience. It is also a state of mind of which only a number of us folks choose to practice quite well. Some resort to the ever popular meditative yoga which is good for a sound mind and body, this is ideal for me specifically if I do have spare 15 minutes of my time to quiet down and normalize my daily routine. Those with huge paychecks and fat accounts on the other hand need not think twice on buying happiness to their heart’s content, they simply visit splurge city on a shopping spree to satisfy their need of temporary bliss. Sure there is no harm in that if we all have the means to do so. Others opt for a vacation. Who wouldn’t want that? We all do need a day or two to escape the daily grind to unwind and loosen out a bit.

The adolescent ones often misguided secure happiness in the refuge of a group, that sense of belonging is all that matters to them. Besides being a groupie is simply being “It”. A lot of people cross the threshold of a relationship thinking it would make them whole and happy but end afterwards lonelier than they were ever before. We being adults go to great lengths to find happiness. We strive to do much to be ahead in the game of life. We believe that an accretion of wealth and power would make for perpetual bliss.

There are motley of ways to be happy. Many have written about it, talked about it, preached it, attained it and shared it in so many different ways. Yet a million more is on the look out, hunting an easy prey amidst the jungle of their very lives.

What makes us happy really?

Myself included have been in search of happiness for most of my life. As I sift through all those years trying to find surefire ways to untainted joy, come to think of it, I found none! But I do realized one thing, I need not find happiness, it has always been there.

I forgot about how many times I laughed at so many jokes thrown at the dinner table I shared with my family and friends. Those were really happy moments being there with the people I loved and cherished.

I forgot about the craziness me and my hubs did of accidentally switching the lights off of a scaled building model display while everyone at the showroom was in settled observation and then acted out as if nothing happened as a guard approached, when in silence we were bursting in laughter. It was unintended but it made us laugh, it was fun and we went home happy.

I forgot about the joy my son has given all of us when he arrived in this world despite the chaotic events that unfolded inside my family during pregnancy. My husband could not be with me during the delivery nor was he around during the first year of our son’s life because of work. My parents were in the midst of separation but was left in a standstill when my father has to undergo four major lung surgery. My father survived. The whole family did. There was the proverbial light after the storm. My son made us whole again. He made us happy.

 It was all too simple. There is no such formula to happiness.

Even years of professional expertise can not put meaning to personal happiness at its deepest cores. We ourselves knew it all too well. We just have to stop searching for happiness and start BEING happy for a change.

Take a moment to observe a very young child. He wakes up and greets each morning with smile on his lips. Eager to rouse to a new day of discovery, he dares himself to try all sorts of things regardless of his physical and intellectual capacity. He accepts every challenge and faces them head on without second thoughts. He braves the big world in front of him. At the end of the day, he is happy with the little things he has accomplished and is excited again for tomorrow’s adventure to happy land.

I wouldn’t say that I am always okay with everything that has happened with my life, I have my personal struggles, yes, we all do I guess and for sure there are a lot more to come my way. Be them good or bad, I know at the end of the day I could still smile and see myself happy. ‘Cause for a change I want to experience life in a different perspective. See the world through my son’s eyes where each morning is greeted with a happy face, a kiss that says “Hello World!” and a big smile that will make a big difference to a happy day ahead.

Now, wouldn’t anyone want to try that for a change and have a shot at happiness all day through? I bet you will!

Cheers to all!