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Every toddler has his or her own style of putting up a solo act comedy show. Take from my son who is barely able to sing his alphabet from A to Z yet turned out to be one chatty little tyke. Oft we were lost in translation trying desperately (from belly aching, roll to the ground laughing that is) to decipher his frenzied banter.

Here are a few dozes of fun and laughter we shared with our little love everyday. Read on and prepare to be tickled somehow.

When he was about 18 months, his dad called him to bed pretending to be asleep for him to follow suit but…

Son: (shaking his dad wildly to wake him up) Dada…dada… PEE UP! PEE UP!

While watching Veggietales, he saw Larry the Cucumber singing,

Son: Mommy, CUCUMBEANS sing, wow!

I was checking my emails one morning and didn’t notice him coming from behind, he pulled a loose thread from the seam of my night-shirt.

Mom: Oh, good morning dear!

Son: (pulled the thread with all might and shouted happily) pull back action Mommy!

He used that “Pull back action” once again when he insisted on brushing my hair after a bath. (It took us some tickling match to let go of the brush though, poor hair!) He must’ve been referring to his pull-back-action toy cars all along.

He woke up one morning clutching his fist on his forehead,

Mom: Why, what’s wrong with your head?

Son: (Still holding his head) is that you Spiderman? (Shaking his head sideways) No! No!

Mom: (suppressing a chuckle) who are you then if you’re not Spiderman?

Son: Peter Parker Sean!

Mom: Oh ok. (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Son: Mommy, want Mac-A-donut! Mac-A-donut! (Ran up to Mommy and flashed a sweet smile) pleazzzze?

Mom: Ok, we’ll go to McDonald’s after I finish my chores. (By the way, he’s after the toys in the Happy Meal box)

He was also fond of making up names for the people and things around him. He calls every delivery person he meets as “Pizza Guy! yea!” , “Cutting Pillar” for Caterpillar, “Aunt Jelly” for Aunt Eli, “Aunt Jumbo” for Aunt Toni (wonder why when this aunt is as trim as ever), “Uncle Brains” for Uncle Xander (because they were playing plants and zombies one time I guess), “Uncle Broom-broom” for Uncle Jon (whom he met only once when the latter had driven us home) and still so many others I could go on writing a very long post of laughs.

The little guy is only two and we know too well how terrible kids this age are, nonetheless my son never fall short in staging a comic relief to our very busy day indeed. =)