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I was feeling kind of down this morning, I woke up late muscles stiff from tossing and turning in my sleep nap, crashed to bed at almost dawn and forgot to reset the alarm clock to a couple of hours after 6am. Yay! Two hours of shut-eye made the peepers puffy as Po Panda’s (sans the big tummy, wouldn’t want that though). I needed saccharine to boost up my day, so here’s a little concoction I made to satisfy the crave.


1 Ripe Banana, chilled, cut into pieces

Leftover Chocolate Cake or Fudge Brownies, cut into cubes

Walnuts or Almond Flakes for toppings

Chocolate and Strawberry Syrup for glazing

Put Banana pieces in a small bowl, topped with the cubed brownies and nuts. Pour Chocolate and Strawberry syrup generously as you please and Viola! Enjoy!

I made use of some of the leftovers of the dark chocolate-walnut mud pie I made from before, I wasn’t able to finish the thing ‘cause it was a little sweet on its own nonetheless it was put to good use now with the bananas for a somehow healthy balance.  You can use any cake depending on your taste and what is readily available as the intent is to satisfy the craving of the moment, otherwise we should just go buy ourselves a decent dessert from our favorite patisserie.

So there goes, I wish to write something worth posting today but my brains’ toast, guess I’ll just savor this sweet little treat at the moment, anyone care to join me?

Have a sweet and happy day you all! 🙂