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It is Tuesday, not so much as any exciting day in a week but still a day to be grateful for. You, me and the rest of us who is reading and posting in this little nook of ours. We are ALIVE. We are FREE. We are THANKFUL for the wonderful company  each of us brings to another.

This may be one of those articles about the benefits of drinking tea, some of you who drop by would think otherwise, but I won’t dwell on that, there were already a lot of sites to browse on that topic. I am just one who really enjoys a cup of tea. One cup enough to pacify the moods, to relax and clear the senses.

However if some of you would wish to know the overall benefits of drinking green tea religiously, you might want to check the list of sites I found useful to learn further on the subject.






I hope the sites above will give you a clear picture of the countless health benefits of drinking tea especially the green kind. I found one too many and I hope you do too as well.

By the way, here’s a cup to start your day with. Breathe, Relax, Enjoy every sip. Happy TEA-uesday Everyone! 🙂