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A year ago Imogen received a mail from a very familiar person. A person whom she thought would never speak to her again. She recalled the sundry feelings of nerve-wracking excitement, sheer delight and repressed anger upon hearing from George. Her fiancé suddenly re-surfaced. They started the conversation with simple hellos as if the years gone by were just minutes left in a day and that the spiteful events that transpired within those years never really occurred. At first it was nice to hear from him but off the record he told the dreaded reality of the years that had passed. He was married with a kid and was filing for a divorce. It had been 5 years. He professed his feelings and wished to win her back.

Everything started to come to life again.

It was the first day of 2004 when Imogen heard the news fresh from the jubilant sound of welcoming the New Year. She had never felt that kind of intense pain in her heart, an explosion of some sort as if the universe had stopped before her very eyes and her own little world shattered to pieces. What a great way to celebrate the New Year ahead. What a gallant way to end a relationship.

“We will never be” the last line that struck her like lightning jolt.

For several months she tried to reason with herself that an attempt to a serious relationship was finally over and done with. It was by the way her very first and cautious attempt. So cautious was she that it finally collapsed on its own. She never really dig up into the bottom of things. Never understood what actually goaded him to end it hastily neither had the chance to explain nor see the last of him. She had been an obedient and loving fiancée as far as she could remember. George has the upper hand in the relationship. She never had a stand and was not able to voice herself back then, all to keep peace and all because she loved him more than her very self.

Months turned to years. She heard he left for the States. It was George’s life-long dream. She remembered him saying once that he would not leave without her yet he did. For some coincidence or just how fate would like to edify her, his father turned out to be one of the contractors in some of the projects of the company from where she was employed. She was all of a sudden attuned to every episode of his life. She learned about his marriage unintentionally from a colleague who collected contract dues. It was total melt down. No way of escape. A grain of rock hard sea salt rubbing on open wound time has not succeeded to heal. She had to endure the pain and be still.

During those times, Imogen met a very good friend who would later become her loving husband. An office mate. The casual everyday chat and lunch date eventually progressed into a romantic engagement after a year. But despite Charles being in the picture, George’s memory looms around certainly not wanting to be whisked away easily. It was indeed hard to let go.

Photo Credits:  Dream of Echi – http://www.wallcoo.net

Short Story by: Shyle Lu