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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? 

On a full 360 degrees rotation and over 50 degrees heat…the wicked witch nonetheless.

Need not ask the pack, days are occupied with senseless modifications, black and whites pile high on desk and line the parti-walls with sporadic neons, musketeers devising comical verbal attacks to somewhat immobilize the obvious supremacy looming the square, the “kung fu hustle” mistress tune her boom box to maximum volume and assume inner peace, the other half bunch tinkering keys like hammering pegs on the witches crooked head.

Busy? Of course they are! They always are!

The mirror has two faces, no, actually all four ~ from many different angles and reflections casted on every other being anonymous to each. Will the witch ever see hers? Nobody knows and nobody will be bothered at all. The witch will live in her own castle, with all the treasures acquired wealth can buy, with infinite whining and senseless pronouncement, with the ever beloved mirror of wickedness.

In the end when everything else doesn’t really matter, the witch will realize she has created an island of herself whilst the pack enjoys the little trimmings of life.

Photo Credits:   Solar Wind – Dreamy and Fantasy Collection http://wallcoo.net/cartoon

Short Story by: Shyle Lu