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All I wanna do is find a way back into Love…

It had been 5 years since we, my husband and I, decided to work and live here in the Middle East, as most of you already know, migrating to a foreign country is both exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting since you will get to experience new things, meet the community and other immigrants like yourself, make new friends, try local cuisines, visit different places, enjoy a new culture, perhaps even learn to speak the local language and most probably live an extremely different life. With these in mind the travel button lit up, the adrenalin spirit is pumped to pack suitcases and take the next flight early on. Then again, I am sure any exciting endeavor comes with a pinch of fear. Fear of what lies ahead. Of what the future holds for us. And I was one of those whose fear has cocooned my existence for the past five years of migration. You see, I came here with only the dearest person I know and love. I left all that was familiar in my home country. Though there were mere acquaintances, I had never made permanent friends when I was working because of the diversity of culture, religion and tradition. It was exciting, nonetheless, for the first couple of years, but as fate would have it, nothing is constant but change. Some of the familiar faces had moved places, changed jobs or moved back to their home countries. I was again back to square one. But instead we made a family and a little tyke was born. However raising a child without help is never an easy task. The household chores are pretty much daunting. And giving up a professional career to care for the family is one big sacrifice any mom like me could ever make. Priorities changed, soon after the self got too absorbed in motherhood and the life that I used to know now spin in circles at the back of my head.

Life happens, this is inevitable. As I looked back at the years that went by a big chunk of myself got lost in the busy medley of family life. I don’t want to succumbed to any form of depression so a day came that I finally decided I owe it to myself to have peace and happiness in every day. This blog started with jotting down just the random thoughts that cross my mind but as I stumbled upon blogs after blogs looking for inspirations, I thought putting up a category on the subject of arts would be a nice add-on for any of you following this humble site. I read about creative healing by means of art and I would like to give it a try. My whole life was spent bent on a drawing board back in the days. I remember my mom telling me how messy my room always was, sketches everywhere, art materials in every nook and cranny. She was never supportive of me then that was what I believed hence the mess I made but I still love her nonetheless. Several years later, family obligations took over the artistic hand, the creative spirit remained silently idle at the back burner, in a rusty but convulsive state, wanting every minute to try the inevitable…to be able to grab a pen and bring to life what was left forgotten thru the years.

Then there came the blog, Danny Gregory’s blog of the EDM challenges originated by Karen Winters. It served as a wake-up call that no matter how busy our lives seem to be there is always a time for everything, for everyday matters, for what we love most, for drawing and the arts. His exceptional sketches and journals can be found on http://dannygregory.com/ .

I was also impressed by Kelly Canby of http://illustrations365.wordpress.com , her diligence to keep illustrating for 365 days and her witty approach on drawing was pure brilliance. A peek on her sketches never fails to brighten my ho-hum mornings. Definitely her 365 days project is something worth looking forward to the finish line.

Milliande Demetriou of http://www.milliande.com, a self-taught contemporary mixed media artist, whose art journals, doodles and educational videos had brought back the artistic spirit of many women has also inspired me a lot to keep on my journey back to art. I salute her for putting up the art community for women.

No to be missed are the tutorial videos of Mark Crilley on Youtube. I have always been a fan of Manga when I was a kid and most doodles at the back of my notebooks were of this type. His instructional videos were presented well and any newbie wanting to learn Manga illustrations can without doubt follow on his steps. You can check his site for his amazing comic books on http://www.markcrilley.com/.

There are also so many different art journals to get inspiration from. I plan to start making a smash book of sorts as soon as I muster up materials to begin with. For those of you following this humble blog and for those who will drop by and spend time reading random stuff, you guys may expect to see some posts on art journaling. I decided to commit myself into doing this to keep sane and find a creative outlet despite the busy household. I encourage those of you who are stay-at-home moms to do the same as I was inspired by those creative moms before me. Let’s do this together.  Let us HEAL. Let us CREATE.

It had been long but I think it is never too late to do something that would make our self happy. No one is too young or too old for drawing and art.