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Since I am still rummaging my art drawer for stuff to use for my art smash journal project as I intend not to buy new stash of materials but to upcycle and recycle those that I already have, for the mean time, here is a post of some scrap pages I made last year.

4 (8″x8″) Traditional Scrap Pages

Materials used in these traditional scrap pages were sourced out from the local bookstore back in my home country which were quite difficult to find here. How I wish I had brought with me my scrapping kits. Anyway here are the blow ups of each of the image above.

In this first layout, I used black felt paper for the picture frame and the scalloped fence atop the white lace on printed black card stock. All the text here were either printed, hand-written or cut-out from magazines (you can tell the difference). Shape punchers and metal rivets (sans the shaft) were also used for embellishments.

“I am Sean” rafaseyes.wordpress.com ©2012

For this page, I used watercolor to wash down my base paper. Light Blue Linen card stock paper was used for backing and Felt Paper for the photo frame and punched frog border. Some add-ons were a checquered washi tape, red-painted wooden horse, stickers and ribbons.

“Jump” rafaseyes.wordpress.com ©2012

Card stock paper as base, some magazine cut-outs and wide transparent blue ribbon. Glitter pens and staples were also used to jazz up the borders.

“Brush Up” rafaseys.wordpress.com ©2012

In this fourth layout, I used die-cut letters, crown punch, some craft paper, magazine cut-outs, stripe ribbon, recycled gift tag silver string and glitter pens. I added the patterned green border using Photoshop CS5 after the page was scanned.

“Kin” rafaseyes.wordpress.com ©2012

Hope you enjoy viewing this as much as I did making them. I started a digital photobook early this year since I have yet to build up a new stash of art supplies here, I will try to post some of them next time.  Off to the thrift store a little later to look for some to add to my stash…I run out of glue, of all things! 🙂

Smashbook is a rare find at the local stores, so this posts a very interesting challenge on making some hand-made papers to use in my art smash journal. Watch out for that in my next post! Good day to all! 🙂