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Whew! It took a long while since I last talked about my journey to art. I’ve been meaning to post my art smash journaling for the first week of its inception but got too carried away looking for inspiration online. So many ideas turned up, cramming bits and bobs into my brain that it almost always stirred me even at bedtime.

Well since it took me a week to come up with this post I might as well begin. To prepare my art smash nook, I rummaged my drawers and came up with these stuff, nothing too expensive but just some cool knick knacks bought from a local craft store nearby. I also brought out some used up gift wrapping papers, old magazines, fancy printed paper bags, tags (yes, those sturdy cards attached to newly purchased items) which could be great for journaling etc., ribbons, stickers, punchers, coloring materials, pens, of course scissors and glue for all those cutting and pasting activity. I also pull out some my son’s toys, those with different shapes, letters and numbers would be great to use as stencils.


Since I am a novice at art journaling I opted to use an ordinary 5 x 7″  small notebook from my stash, it kinda scare the wits out of me to get an A4 size, that’ll be too large a journal to fill for a starter. 🙂 I chose the black one with rings so I  could easily pull out  and work on a page without fear of smudging or warping the next one then in time when I finished (hopefully!)  I could bind them together in a journal.


I prepped a few pages so I could have a ready-made background to begin within a day, this way it wouldn’t be too intimidating to start with a blank page in front of me. Here are some of the pages and the different techniques I used to make them. Anyone can try these at home to make a personal journal page.

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I think these are just enough background pages to start with for a week, It brought so much fun just trying out different art materials again. It was as if seeing the art world for the very first time… thru my son’s eyes…and having so much fun doing so 🙂

I hope you found this useful in your own art journaling, specially for those of you who are beginners like me, let us create art each day and stay happy. Before I go, let me leave you a work in progress.

Til next time. 🙂