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Week 2 of my art smash journal journey, so far so good, I’ve been experimenting with my art stash lately and tried different techniques I found at the net. Though I am not satisfied and happy with what came out of the pages, still I know I am on the right track to completing this first journal before year’s end.

Here’s a peak at the pages I did for the second week:

I’m not so good at acrylics and poster paint but this would do for a start,  tried using watercolor paint, chalk pastels and color pencils for details. I know, I know, need more practice. The quote was from a speaker at our CLP seminar last week.

10.24.12 ~ “Faith can move mountains, Prayers can move God”

Here I used the magic circles stencil I found at the craft store, added some watercolor wash and detailed lines with color pencils, cut them up and pasted them randomly like flowers in bloom. I actually did not like this page and planned to do it over again yet I wanted to stick with the mantra of not repeating any page but instead build on it until it looks pretty enough to start with a new one.

10.25.12 ~ “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”

For these next two pages, I tried doing collage, again some more practice…

10.27.12 ~ “Just always RMBR”                      10.28.12 ~ “Go Sky High”

Just a list of random likes at the moment (more journaling and handwriting here) and then some zen doodling.

10.29.12 ~ “Random Top 5 Likes”
10.30.12 ~ “Familia”

A close up of the family doodle…

up close

Til next week. 🙂