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English: Wisdom, mural by Robert Lewis Reid. S...

English: Wisdom, mural by Robert Lewis Reid. Second Floor, North Corridor. Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C. Caption underneath reads “KNOWLEDGE COMES BVT WISDOM LINGERS”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our community facilitator asked me what gift I wanted to receive; “Wisdom!” came the coy but abrupt reply. “Why wisdom as it is the same with knowledge?” she asked with one arching brow. The way I understand it, everyone can gain knowledge but not everyone can have wisdom. Like skills, knowledge is acquired through learning, but wisdom, as I believe it is, is both knowledge and life experience united as one. I asked for wisdom that I be wise and just in my decisions and choices in life, wise to know what is right from wrong, wise in both action and speech, wise in my relationships not only with the people I love but also to those whom I cannot please being as I am, wise as I become older physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. I asked for wisdom because it is so difficult to gain no matter how high our intelligence and emotional quotient is. I believe in time and with diligent practice of faith, wisdom will come knocking at my doors without qualm, when the time comes I will gladly accept  it with open arms and thank the Heavens with all heart.