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Okay I am guilty, I apologize for being a slacker at blogging but the past couple of weeks had been very busy for the family. We had just graduated from the Christian Life Program we attended for 13 weeks and the community has a lot of family oriented activities lined up for us this month until Christmas.  As I carry on with my journey of knowing Christ more and letting him into our family life so as I stick with my art journaling every single day. This has helped me find solace in my otherwise chaotic routine.

In line with Halloween, my son’s fave character at the moment, Jack Skellington, took the first page for November. We’ve watched the movie The Nightmare before Christmas for the nth time since he saw Jack. I don’t know what it is with him that my son found amusing though. Weird creatures from a notebook cover I saw at the Japanese thrift store inspired the next page of poster colored doodles.

Some mixed media pages with collages I took inspiration from Teesha Moore and Sandra van der Geest. I really love their works along with Julie Fei Fan Balzer, Kate Crane and Ingrid Dijkers.

The idea of tides from “My cup of tea” page was inspired by Shane Vorhaben’s Illustration Friday Entry in 2008 titled”Enough”. You can check his brilliant doodling in black and white on http://www.flickr.com/. Both the teacup drawing and quote on the other hand were this author’s personal work.

I am making the most of what I have in my art stash as supplies are so limited here that I couldn’t even find a Sharpie pen and I’m still on search for a really nice white ink pen as the liquid Chalk marker I was using seem to fade (it’s chalk what to expect?) on the page when all dried up (hence the powder alright!) and has the tendency to smudge the other pages. But I wont let the lack of supplies hinder me from doing what makes the heart and soul happy. 🙂

Stay Happy Everyone! til next time! 🙂