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As I sift through the past ten years, so many things have changed but my solitude a grasp away, something in the past kept lurking its ugly head trying to uncover answers to many debatable circumstances meant to be ancient history. Today, it is quite liberating to receive a series of strong conviction with a loving heart and learning to forgive at the moment is a blessing uncalled for.

I am cautious not to have enemies, neither do I intend to make any nor is it in my desire to harbor resentment. I have a strong and founded belief in the power of Prayer and Faith, to those whose understanding is limited by choice, I can not contend but be grateful they came my way to let me appreciate the most significant and meaningful events in my life, to value most the wonderful people who stood by me and shared with my journey, to feel happy and contented with what I already have, with the loving people I am with and the wonderful place where I am now and to be really thankful that despite all these, HE has never left me but made me a better ME.